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Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea

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Our classic popular blend of high-grown Ceylon, top-grade Keemun, top-quality natural bergamot oil and blue cornflowers. Bright and coppery in colour with a classic citrus Early Grey floral taste.

A classic tea.

Origin: Sri Lanka, China.

Grown: 1500-4000ft above sea level.

Orthodox Orange Pekoe (OP) and natural bergamot. Black Tea. 

Caffeine Content: Some naturally occurring moderate caffeine content.


Fragrant oil from pressing the citrus rind of bergamot is added to this tea to give it its unique taste. The scent of bergamot oil is similar to floral sweet orange peel. A distinctive uplifting popular blend.

Brew: 90-95 °c 3-4 mins. 

Store: Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Packaged in heat sealed zip lock bags for freshness, in bags designed to get through your letterbox.


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