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Orange Blossom Oolong Tea 100g box

Orange Blossom Oolong Tea 100g box

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A wonderful mix of high grown luxury Oolong from Dong Ding and fine Ceylon from Sri Lanka, combined with Jasmine petals and naturally dried orange peel.

Notes of citrus and jasmine.

Origin: Taiwan and Sri Lanka.

Grown: 2500-6000ft above sea level.

Semi-oxidised Oolong, black tea and jasmine petals with naturally dried orange & flavours.

Caffeine Content: 20-30mg per cup.


Medium-bodied and golden amber in colour. Hints of jasmine petal blossom.

Brew: 95-100°c for 4-6 mins.

Store: Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight. 

Packaged in heat sealed zip lock bags for freshness, in bags designed to get through your letterbox.

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